Understanding customer expectation is one of the most important mechanisms of Radicon and Alexon. The companies possess all skills and expertise needed to develop and offer the correct cooling system exactly to what OE customers are looking for. We continuously upgrade our capabilities for better offering to our customers. The companies have been focusing on new product development to provide top-level technical supports for our customers. Our staff can assist our customers in developing heat exchangers from black-box design to mass production. Our in-house product development department is available for any customer request for quotation.

Our current level quality achieves defect less than 12 defects per million. Our quality is monitored constantly and we keep intensifying our quality control and every year we challenge our staff to break the records for fewer defects. Furthermore, performance and durability tests are conducted ongoing basis to ensure the consistency of our production process. Our just-in-time production is based on a forecast system that allows us to plan in advance and be flexible whether a large or small batch. Our focus is not only the quality but also efficient delivery. We have a good reputation of our just-in-time delivery recognized by various domestic and international automotive manufacturers.



We support various commonly used 2D & 3D file types for higher accuracy and better communication with our customers, which in turn shortens development time for each new model. If requested, we can create prototypes for internal tests or for customers validation particularly on cooling performance of the heat exchangers. Depending on number of parts and prototypes required, it takes 8-10 weeks to complete prototype drawing and prototyping. Our workshop is equipped with flexible and high precision machines and equipment for quick prototyping such as CNC machine, wire cut machine, electro discharge machining (EDM), coordinate measuring machine (CMM), as well as other conventional machines and tools.


Our skilled and experienced staffs in tooling and specialty machine design highly contribute to our consistently superior quality heat exchangers. We employ CAD/CAM technology from conceptual designs for tools with the aid of modern in-house high-speed precision tooling facility. We can develop in-house dies for stamped parts such as headers, steel shrouds, side plates, caps and brackets and molds for plastic parts such as plastic tanks and shrouds. In addition, we invest to build special machines in-house to increase automation, quality and consistency for production of our heat exchangers

We are aware of the importance of the capability to support our customers with comprehensive and thorough technical information of the products we offer. The testing facility at Radicon and Alexon is fully integrated with accurate data logging capability that encompasses all aspects of heat exchangers testing. Our tests are

1. Heat Performance Test (HPT)  

2. Durability Test 

– Vibration Test
– Pressure Impulse Test
– Thermal Cycle Test
– Thermal Shock Test
– Thermal Stress/Strain Test

3. Chemical Test: Salt spray Test (Corrosion Test) 

4. Clogging Test


We have engineered manufacturing facilities to accommodate high volume OEM production as well as being responsive and flexible to low volume applications. Our quick tooling change system enables us to build large varieties of products with high productivity, low defects, and consistent quality and satisfy the just-in-time delivery requirements around 98% of total production is managed in-house.
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